Choose a unique jewelry-toy with baroque pearls made by the creative designers of the Pearl Friends brand!
Let's be friends!
A new friend with similar interests, with whom you can pass the evening in a pleasant atmosphere doing what you love.

And also to find like-minded people among already having friends.
Pendant - friend
A friend also turns into an elegant unique jewelry.

Such jewelry will make your image bright and unforgettable!
They are moving!
Will put on glasses, getting ready for takeoff, waving his tail goodbye,
will take the best snapshot or water the flowers with you.
Mono earrings
Each friend has their own themed precious havings

He will be happy to see it on you.
Pearl Friends are ...
  • Friend
    All characters of the Pearl Frinds brand are individual, have their own temper, destiny, biography, work, hobbies and even property!
  • A lot of stories
    Each character will tell an amazing story and share a cherished dream.
  • Thematic jewelry
    Our brand also present themed mono-earrings and rings for each character.
  • Pearl
    Inspired by the warmth and unique shapes of pearls, we endow them with bright emotions of funny stories and, suddenly, the jewelry comes to life.
  • Play
    Jewelry pearl toys will come to life in your hands, because they move, live and play.
  • Travel
    Each friend loves to travel and is ready to travel to any part of the world right now.
We create marvelous silver jewelry toys using the gift of Nature - baroque pearls, the only kind of gem that was bor by alive creature. We get the inspiration from the unique forms and pleasing energy of pears, we include the vibes of emotional and bright stories and then pearl friends Start living.

They take you by the hand and open the hidden door into the childhood. In that joyful world you'll become happy and careless like a child, traveling around the globle and befriend with everyone you want to, Best Friends Forever

Pearl Friends are alive jewelry-toys that you can be friends with!

Go and choose a unique jewelry-toy with baroque pearls!

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