Yngwie and Meytat, Rockers – lovebirds| Pearl Friends | Russia, Perm

Yngwie and Meytat, Rockers – lovebirds

Stones: pearl, pearl kasumi. Sterling silver. Pendant or brooch.

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517 USD

Far Far away in sunny Africa, live two lovebirds Yngwie and Meytata. They nest on the highest palm and eat date fruits, sometimes they get a side job from local sailors, they scare rats on ships in a local port.Their true passion is – Rock-n-roll! They are hopeless music lovers, they love rock with all their hearts. They even founded the fan club of Yngwie Malmsteen, the only one in Africa. They adore to play the drums and a guitar, and always practice after work.One time, during their working hours on a ship they detected an Octopus, who tried to steal the drums! As it turned out the extraordinary thief can play quite good on the drums!Therefore Yngwie and Meytata decide to form a rock band and join the Octopus.