Raven - fortune teller Karmelita| Pearl Friends | Russia, Perm

Raven - fortune teller Karmelita

Stones: white pearl, black pearl, topaz, garnet, amethyst, chrysolite, pink tourmaline.

Indicated average price per article

368 USD

In a far land, among the ice and northern lights, there lives the last of it’s kind - raven fortune teller, named Karmelita.From an early childhood she learned from her Raven grandmother the fortune telling with cards and coffee grounds. All her 3 years old life, Karmelita dreams to steal horses, because that is the most profitable business in her raven camp! Pretty soon Karmelita goes off in a tour through “golden ring of Russia” (the old cultural towns and cities)! Her beloved clients will face the unbelievable forecasts! Have you prepared the coffee and coins for Karmelita!